We are Convié

Convié means "invited", or "a guest", in French.

We are a co-creation beauty brand that gives the power and the voice to our community to help us define our future product launches.


Co-created with a community of likeminded beauty connoisseurs

With each product launch, we vet and engage select members of our community to work alongside us in developing innovative and unique beauty solutions.

Are you crazy about beauty? Learn more about the cohort member benefits and complete your application to be considered for participation in a future launch.

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French-made natural beauty, so good you could eat it—almost.

We don't believe in compromising quality and will never launch a product we wouldn't use ourselves.

With us, you'll always get:

+ At least 90% natural ingredients

+ Clean formulations made without any "nasties" or suspicious ingredients

+ Vegan-friendly, gluten-free and cruelty-free

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We're beauty industry veterans and product enthusiasts, just like you.

We're Cristina and Isabelle, and we're on a mission to bring authenticity back to beauty.

Having always dreamt of travelling the world, Cristina has lived and worked in the beauty industry across New York, Paris and London, where she currently resides.

Isabelle is French and grew up in the South of France. Always a beauty lover, she moved to Paris after her studies to fulfill her dream of working in the luxury beauty industry, where she remains to this day.

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