a smiling black woman wearing pink a semi-matte rose-pink coloured lipgloss on her lips and cheeks

The Velvet
Gloss x

A white heart-shaped makeup bag with red heart print, with 3 lipglosses standing up alongside it
    A red and white brand logo for Leopoldine Chateau in playful vintage inspired font

    A Limited Edition Collaboration with Léopoldine Château

    Forever in Love

    The Velvet Gloss meets Léopoldine Château's pop and offbeat universe. The result? A capsule collection full of love.

    À La Folie Barely There
    Amoureusement Rose Flush
    Passionnement Deep Cherry


    We asked Léopoldine to create the perfect accessory for The Velvet Gloss. Known for her pop-art aesthetic and cheery, retro-inspired clothes and accessories, we knew that she would create something special and unique. The final result is our joyful heart-shaped pouch to spread love and happiness wherever you will go! 

    1 red lipgloss laying next to 3 orange lipgloss boxes against a white background with red hearts

    Discover the Designer

    Léopoldine Chateau is a fashion and accessories designer with a pop, modern, and quirky universe. Hearts, flowers, and cheerful retro-inspired prints... in each of her creations, you can find Léopoldine's radiant and assertive personality.

    It's in the heart of Paris that she conceives and designs each piece and pattern. A supporter of "Made in France," she prioritises French manufacturing whenever possible. Discover her entire collection on her website at https://leopoldinechateau.fr/.

    A blonde woman wearing a white blouse with red heart print standing against a work table in a textile studio