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What is a Community Brand?

pictures of our community event to introduce The Velvet Gloss

In today’s competitive landscape, brands need to do more than just offer high-quality products; they must also create a strong and engaged community.

A community brand understands the crucial importance of building and nurturing strong connections with its customer base. Instead of merely selling products, it actively engages, listens to the needs and concerns, and involves its community in every key stage of the brand's creation and life cycle.

At Convié, our philosophy and DNA revolves around the community. We co-create 100% of our beauty products with members of our community.

How does the process work at Convié?

1/ Co-Creating Beauty Products: We regularly invite our members to participate in co-development workshops. During these sessions, customers share their ideas, preferences, and beauty needs. We have also developed an online questionnaire to understand our members' beauty habits. We then analyse all the data to develop new products. 

2/ Active Engagement: Our members are actively involved in the creation process. They test formulas in advance, vote on packaging designs, choose shades, names, and more. This ensures that the product perfectly meets their expectations.

3/ Collaborative Communication: Once the product is launched, we involve our community in brand communication. Our members are our first ambassadors and advocates, sharing their experiences on social media and within their social circles.

The Benefits of a Community Brand:

1/ Continuous Innovation: Co-creation allows us to develop products that align perfectly with customer needs.

2/ Loyalty: Engaged customers are more loyal to the brand because it offers a unique experience.

3/ Powerful Word-of-Mouth: an active community becomes a valuable communication channel for the brand.

4/ Responsiveness to Trends: community brands are better equipped to adapt quickly to changing market trends.

We embody the community brand of today and tomorrow. Through the active involvement our community in the creation process, we engage and build a unique and special relationship with our community.


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