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Coconut Lip Gloss

Shop our collection of Coconut Lip gloss here at We Are Convie! We have a full selection of amazing organic lip glosses that are a perfect addition to any makeup collection.

Escape to paradise with every swipe! Our coconut lip glosses deliver a kiss of colour, deep hydration. Made with nourishing coconut oil and other natural ingredients, they pamper your lips while leaving a beautiful, glossy finish.



Indulge your lips in a tropical treat with our collection of luxurious coconut lip glosses. We've harnessed the power of coconut oil, a natural wonder known for its deeply moisturising properties to make sure The Velvet Gloss is the perfect product for you. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, coconut oil deeply hydrates and nourishes your lips, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and protected

Embrace the versatility of coconut lip gloss. Our collection offers a range of shades and finishes to suit your desires. From sheer, coconut-kissed tints that enhance your natural beauty to pigmented glosses with a high-shine finish, you'll find the perfect shade to complete your look. Plus, the lightweight texture of our coconut lip glosses ensures comfortable wear throughout the day, making them a perfect everyday essential.


What is Convié?

We are a co-creation beauty brand that gives the power and voice to our community in helping us create the perfect product.

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To join our community please fill out our questionnaire to participate in our future co-creations!


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